Hi, My name is Danny Hallam. I have created ‘Made For The Outdoors’ in order to deliver Forest School activities and programmes to children in schools, organised groups and independent groups around the Manchester area.

Forest School is a learning approach which, developed in Denmark, has been sweeping throughout the UK since 2006. Danish educators have realised and developed the way children learn through nature, the forest and practical activities. The idea behind the forest schools ethos stands on the fundamental fact that children and, for that matter, everyone, learns much more effectively where self esteem levels are high and accomplishments are tangible.

As a primary teacher and cub scout leader of ten years I have experienced the difference between children working indoors; at tables and outdoors; anywhere but at a table. The change is immediately obvious. The children don’t need to be made to be engaged by the teachers, they can engage themselves in rather educational activities quite easily. Forest school is therefore greatly child-led.

At Adder and Ash Forest School I use the materials and visual aids provided by the forest with practical skills (and some additional resources combined with knowledge of the curriculum and the direction learning is required to flow by the government) to deliver a specially designed, ideally year-long programme which meets key objectives regarding the pupils and their well-being. These objectives are to increase levels of self awareness; to develop self regulation; to become self motivated; to practice and show empathy towards others and improve social and communication skills.

Please have a look at some session pictures and have a browse through my programmes for EYFS, Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2.