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Woods, Wonder and Well-being

Wooden Christmas Decorations

What can you learn from making a wooden model of a reindeer? Well, apart from design, materials, engineering and creativity; how about the ability to communicate effectively with a partner to achieve a shared outcome…

…learning to discover for yourself how teamwork works through using tools safely…

…learning to understand the way other people feel through sharing ideas and emotions…

That’s just the tip of the iceberg …or rather the core. The tip will be the profound and mature behaviours that develop from these initial experiences


Woods, Wonder and Well-being

Take a leaf out of William Henry Davies's book and take some time to stand and stare.
Take a leaf out of William Henry Davies’s book and take some time to stand and stare.

What do you love about the woods?

The outdoor woodland environment host an abundance of nature, and opportunities for play and learning; to which many children in modern urban environments have less and less access.

I am combining two great passions in my life: Education and the outdoors.

I want to open up opportunities for children to play, discover, imagine, develop and learn on an independent basis by running Forest schools in local woodland areas for schools and groups to attend.

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